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About Us

Fueling winters in our local community since 2007.

We Know Wood

North Atlantic Fuels has been processing and delivering firewood since 2007 at our 20 acre yard in Epping, NH. We know the loggers and the truckers, we know our loyal customers who count on us to heat their homes, and we understand what good firewood is. We are constantly refining our process to become more efficient, but also to produce the best firewood around – and lots of it. This means analyzing our production system and staying on top of the technology and methods as our industry evolves. It may seem as simple as cutting logs and splitting them, but when you’re producing 3000 cord a year, each part of the process is important.

Renewable Warmth

Drawing from our experience with home heating oil delivery, we’ve long understood the volatility of the global oil markets and the impact on our customers. Providing a reliable source of wood pellets and firewood offers a stable option for people in our community who want to purchase domestically – even locally – and protect themselves from fluctuating oil prices. We also understand the environmental impacts of heating with oil and other fossil fuels. As global warming increases, it gives us great satisfaction offer biomass products with a much smaller environmental footprint. Heating with firewood offers the most local of all combustion heat sources. Heating with wood pellets offers highly efficient bioregional fuel. This feels good to us.

We Get It Done

Over the years we’ve invested heavily in logistics and have the ability to move material very efficiently. Our unique four-cord firewood boxes allow us to deliver a season’s worth of heat in one trip. Our state-of-the-art truck mounted forklifts can place pallets delicately over head, or into a garage. Our fleet of tractor trailers and flat beds allows us to haul our wood pellets directly from the pellet mills and distribution hubs, cutting out the middleman. While our competitors are dangerously reliant on the volatile trucking industry, we’ve taken the step to independently manage our own hauling.

Request a Delivery

Get reliable, hassle-free firewood & wood pellet delivery at the best prices in Maine & Southern New Hampshire.