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Get reliable, hassle-free firewood delivery at unbeatable prices.

Whether you’re looking to heat your home or feed your fire pit, North Atlantic Fuels offers several options for firewood delivery in New Hampshire, Maine, and Massachusetts.

Our Current Firewood Options

Palletized Firewood Delivery

Palletized Firewood

Many of our customers need less than a cord of firewood for ambiance or cooking – the fireplace, chiminea, pizza oven, campfire. Let us bring you a 1/3 cord, we’ll even put it in your garage!

BioBricks Compressed Wood Bricks


BioBricks are compressed wood bricks made from dried sawdust that are specifically designed to create hot and efficient fires in wood stoves. They can be densely packed into the fire box of a stove.

Firewood Ordering & Delivery Information


If you’re looking to order firewood with us, you can do so by any of these three easy methods:

  1. Order on our online shop, by clicking here.
  2. Order over the phone, by calling us at (603) 945-5305.
  3. Send us an email by clicking here.



For all orders, you will select the month that you would like us to make the delivery. We will call you one week before the delivery to let you know the day, and to discuss important delivery instructions.

If you gave us a mobile phone number, you’ll receive a text when we are 30-45 minutes away. We do not require anyone to be home at the time of delivery. We also offer Custom Delivery Scheduling & a Premium Garage Service. Learn more about firewood delivery.



Need an update on your delivery day? Give us a call or email anytime. Have concerns about your driveway or location for delivery? Email us some photos and we’ll talk you through it. Have product issues? We will make amends

For more information about North Atlantic Fuels’ firewood delivery in New Hampshire, Maine, and Massachusetts, please call us at (603) 945-5305 or email us today.

Only the Best

Only The Best

In the world of wood pellets, junk pellets are everywhere. We sell only brands we use and trust. Call us anytime to learn more about our premium selection. Need to see the difference yourself? Ask us for a free bag - you'll be back 🙂

Only The Best

Super Convenient

Browse our site and easily place your firewood or wood pellet order online or call and talk with an experienced professional. Convenient home delivery is just a few clicks away. Want pallets placed in your garage? No problem.

We Get It Done

We Get It Done

With the acreage to store high volumes of inventory, in-house trucking fleet, and years of experience in the forestry, wood processing and delivery industries, we're well equipped to meet your heating needs all winter long.

Request a Delivery

Get reliable, hassle-free firewood & wood pellet delivery at the best prices in Maine & Southern New Hampshire.