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Delivery Information

For all orders, you will select the month that you would like us to make the delivery. We will call you one week before the delivery to let you know the day, and to discuss important delivery instructions. If you gave us a mobile phone number, you'll receive a text when we are 30-45 minutes away. We do not require anyone to be home at the time of delivery. You will need to mark the spot where the product should be placed and give this information to us when we call. If you do not mark the drop location in the manner you described we won't be able to make the delivery and you will be charged a second delivery fee and become subject to the existing schedule.

Custom Delivery Scheduling
If you would like to arrange a specific delivery day and morning/afternoon time slot, you can purchase the Custom Delivery Scheduling service for $30.00. 

Premium Garage Service
We are happy to place your palletized products in your garage. This service requires the use of a separate pallet jack and costs $20.00. Before requesting this service, please make sure you're able to have the drop location area cleared out and free of objects, safe, and that the floor is flat, smooth concrete.

Delivery Rates
Our delivery rates are based on our costs for trucking, equipment, labor and fuel to deliver cordwood or palletized products to your town. We use a calculator that references your zip code, so the further you live from Epping, NH then the greater the cost (see calculator below to determine your rate). If you are purchasing more than four cords of firewood or more than six tons of wood pellets, please call us for special pricing. The cost to have palletized items delivered is greater than the cost to have cordwood delivered because of the nature of the truck and equipment required. 

Off-Road Deliveries
Our delivery trucks are very large and heavy and can't leave your paved or dirt driveway. If you would like to have us drive on your field or lawn, please call to arrange this. We'll require you to sign a legal waiver accepting financial responsibility for our costs in the event we become stuck or damage your property.

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If you are interested in ordering more than 4 cords of wood or more than 6 tons of wood pellets, please call for special pricing.