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Wood Pellets

Get reliable, hassle-free wood pellet delivery at the best prices.

Our Current Wood Pellet Options

Wood & Sons Premium Softwood Pellets

Wood & Sons Premium Softwood Pellets

Premium, hot burning, low ash, softwood pellets produced locally in Sanford, Maine from local sawmills, who make the finest Eastern White Pine lumber in the Northeast. The Wood family has designed a superior product that we are proud to have manufactured locally.  These softwood pellets are clean, consistent and comfortable.

The Best Wood Pellets Won’t Be Found Sitting On The Store’s Shelf.

There are dozens of wood pellet brands on the market – so how do you choose which one to burn? Which one has the best value and bang for the buck? We’re proud to deliver you the best wood pellets available. The providers we work with offer some of the best pellets that we’ve personally researched, burned, and believe in.

Our Wood Pellet’s Have Four Things In Common:

1. They’re purchased directly from the mill. Some pellet brands are just a label on a bag with pellets made at one of many mills. This makes it quite difficult to control quality and to hold accountability. When we have a question, we call the person that makes the pellets. Simple.

2. You can’t find ours in box stores. If you want cheap pellets, you will get what you pay for. With lower BTU’s and higher ash, junk pellets may cost less per ton, but you will end up burning much more and cleaning your stove more often. Ash buildup in a stove also lowers efficiency – which again will require burning more. Our pellets are top shelf and what most people find is that when they switch over, they end up saving money on pellet fuel as well as stove repairs.

3. Our pellets have great reviews. Check out woodpelletreviews.com for additional information.

4. Our pellets are made by independent manufacturers. In the wood pellet business, large companies are buying up the smaller ones and consolidating control while losing track of quality and values. We are directly supporting these great local businesses and the employees on their teams.

What To Expect From North Atlantic Fuels


Our team is ready and waiting to answer your wood pellet questions. Want to try out a new brand? Stop by and pick up a couple bags on us. Have a question about your stove? We’ll point you in the right direction. Curious about ordering a whole truckload for your neighborhood? Give us a shout and we’ll offer special pricing. Want to know the delivery cost? Check out the calculator at the bottom of this page.


We’ve made this very simple. Click here to shop and order online. Call us at (603) 945-5305. Send us an email here. All products must be paid for with a credit card in advance.


Need an update on your delivery day? Give us a call or email anytime. Have concerns about your driveway or location for delivery? Email us some photos and we’ll talk you through it. Have product issues? We will make amends.


Our wood pellets are delivered on a large flat-bed truck with truck-mounted forklift. The truck can typically park along the street or road, while the forklift can move the pallets of pellets to your desired location near your home. When you place your order, you’ll give us the month you’d like your delivery. We will notify you one week before the delivery date, as well as the day of the delivery. See this page for more detail.


Unless you request otherwise, we will email you 2-3 times per year to give you updates on products, pricing and special news. We will not hammer your inbox and seek to always provide value when do send one.

For more information about North Atlantic Fuels’ wood pellet deliveries and in Southern Maine and Seacoast, New Hampshire, please call us at (603) 945-5305 or email us today.

Only the Best

Only The Best

In the world of wood pellets, junk pellets are everywhere. We sell only brands we use and trust. Call us anytime to learn more about our premium selection. Need to see the difference yourself? Ask us for a free bag - you'll be back 🙂

Only The Best

Super Convenient

Browse our site and easily place your firewood or wood pellet order online or call and talk with an experienced professional. Convenient home delivery is just a few clicks away. Want pallets placed in your garage? No problem.

We Get It Done

We Get It Done

With the acreage to store high volumes of inventory, in-house trucking fleet, and years of experience in the forestry, wood processing and delivery industries, we're well equipped to meet your heating needs all winter long.

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Get reliable, hassle-free firewood & wood pellet delivery at the best prices in Maine & Southern New Hampshire.